What The Book’s About

First off, Trevor’s Eco Adventures is an adventure tale to get kids to care about plastic pollution so they can be part of the solution!

Trevor gets stung by a bug that allows him to speak with sea creatures. The sting was ordered by Brewster the whale, chose Trevor for a special mission to help our ocean and sea critters. Trevor has quite a shocking awakening and comes alive to share with all his friends and school to care. But if Lester and his gang have anything to say about, Trevor has a hero’s journey ahead of him.

Teachers take notice please. This book has great possibilities for an environmental class project, and waking a whole school.

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Philosophy behind Trevor’s Travels

I found myself at a crossroad in which I was questioning what to do next in my life. That night, I had a dream. It was like a movie, species one by one were revealed to me that had gone extinct!
After I woke up, during a morning walk, I found plastic littered on the vegetation by the sidewalk. Epiphany - I was to bring awareness and empowerment to kids of all ages and backgrounds in support of and beyond what is already available, to help save our environment and animals.
My book “Trevor Cares” was born and with a former Disney artist to illustrate and a publisher to make it come true, I emptied a great portion of my retirement to put this love in to action and now the book needs support to fulfill it's purpose. Trevor Cares is a movement beyond the classroom curriculum and I trust that you can assist me to make it happen.

Thanks for reading.
Scott Bright.